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Assawan Spa, Burj al Arab Hotel

The spa

The Assawan Spa is found on the 18th floor of the world's tallest hotel, the Burj-al-Arab on Dubai's Jumeirah Beach. This fantastic sail-shaped construction sits on its own artificial island: non-residents are charged to enter and see the foyer's spectacular fountains, marvel at the 100ft gold pillars and wonder at the building's extraordinary opulence. The spa, which seems almost discreet by contrast, is defined by a superb infinity swimming pool that goes right up to the glass wall of the 18th floor.

Treatments available

There are more than 50 available for both men and women. These include wraps to detox and tone, active algae wraps for muscle tension and stiffness, and a range of massages (aromatherapy, Swedish, Thai, muscle-soothing, energising and others). An Asian influence is apparent in the shiatsu and reflexology treatments, while the hydrotherapy section offers a special milk bath treatment for dry or sun-sore skin.

There are separate offerings for hips, thighs and cellulite, and facials from the La Prairie and Thalgo ranges, including the former's signature Caviar treatment with its line-smoothing properties. Also available are manicures, pedicures, waxing and hairdressing; packages include detox and Jet Lag specials.

What it costs

A milk bath costs £38, as do the aromatherapy treatments geared to energising (using vetiver and geranium oils), muscle-easing (rosemary and pine) and the cellulite special, which uses a sea fennel, juniper and lemon concoction. A deluxe manicure is £44; wraps start at £33 - the special cold wrap for legs and thighs is £52; and massages range from £30 for a back, neck and shoulder version to £68 for a shiatsu. Facials cost from £60 and packages begin at £190 depending on length and treatment.

Fellow guests

Locals, ex-pats and business types. Make sure you book treatments well in advance because many locals and ex-pats have regular appointments.

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